What does a film producer actually do?

A lot of people (including my parents!) have no idea what a film producer actually does or what I do on a daily basis.

So, I wanted to give some insight into what’s involved with running a Film & TV production company and how I manage a number of different projects at various stages of the production pipeline.

This image is taken from a pitch document we’ve created for an upcoming TV Series, Straight Up. This is the first series I’ve been involved in developing (and will hopefully produce) so I’m pumped to submit a development application and start pitching the film to major streaming platforms and broadcasters

Here are some of the other things we’re up to at Exile Entertainment this week:

  1. Submitting an offset application to finance post-production on a new feature film (details coming soon!)
  2. Promo for upcoming cinema release of feature film How Do You Know Chris? (get your tickets now: https://www.howdoyouknowchris.com.au/)
  3. COVID budgeting and setting down production timeline for new feature film, Slant, scheduled for production in Feb 2021
  4. Raising additional private finance for Voices in Deep (we’re constantly searching for money on projects!)
  5. Finalise distribution agreement for Paper Champions (announcement coming soon – keep an eye out)
  6. Outreach to find new filmmakers and projects to collaborate with (if you know of anyone trying to get their film up I’d love to hear from them)
  7. Managing our growing community of filmmakers in the Exile Accelerator program

If you’re interested in building a production company, or are simply trying to get a film off the ground, reach out to us at support@exileaccelerator.com!